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Touch Magazine Terms and Conditions of Advertising

The Reiki Association (otherwise referred to here as 'TRA') is rooted in, and honours the Usui Shiki Ryoho system of Reiki (USR).  Our terms and conditions are set in accordance with USR traditions and we ask that you honour these terms if you wish to advertise on our website or in our Touch Magazine.

The Touch editor, the Council of the Reiki Association or our Web Team reserve the right to refuse or modify any advertisement which they consider is not in tune with these terms and conditions.

The Usui Shiki Ryoho system of Reiki is an oral tradition with teachings handed down from master to student in person.  Whilst we accept advertising representing other styles of Reiki, the advertisements themselves, and the subject or matter advertised, must be in tune with our oral tradition which we hold sacred at the heart of The Reiki Association. This means we do not accept advertising of:

  • any book or manual which attempts to represent or include in its content actual Reiki teachings such as initiations or symbols of any level of Reiki
  • any form of online Reiki teaching, or any mention of online Reiki teaching
  • any on or offline publication which includes visuals of the Reiki symbols which we hold as sacred and hold only to be passed in oral tradition from masters to students
  • any form of expression which goes beyond a plain ‘notice of class’.  A plain ‘notice of class’ may include pertinent factual details and information essential to the participant.  Examples of acceptable pertinent information might be a reference to small/large venue, small/large group, wheelchair access, parking, meals provided/bring food to share, treatment tables provided/welcome, women/men only, lineage of teacher, style of Reiki, clothing comfort/no clothes removed, CPD value, certification, flights included, airport/train pick up included, accommodation details, prices, concessions, timings etc.
  • any form of expression which appears to promote a better quality of Reiki, as in ‘best quality of Reiki’… or… ‘direct from Takata masters’.
  • any form of expression which appears as the promotion of self or contains advertising language which appears to ‘puff-up’ or represent the inflated promotion of the advertiser, the teacher, venue or the class itself. For instance, it is ok to say ‘Reiki Master, Usui Shiki Ryoho, 25 years experience of teaching Reiki’ but it is not ok to say ‘the oldest and best Reiki master bringing you the traditional way of learning Reiki’.  
All notices and advertisements need to be aligned with ASA guidelines (, and The Reiki Association will not accept any advertising which makes claims or judgements about Reiki or any other form of healing or therapy which cannot be upheld in law and is not in accordance with ASA guidelines.

No advertisement or notice placed on the TRA website or in Touch Magazine can be taken as being any form of recommendation or endorsement of the advertiser or the subject of the advertisement.  Users and readers must do their own research and due diligence to satisfy themselves that the person or product is suitable or right for their needs. TRA takes no responsibility for the outcome of actions or arrangements based upon the information provided.

Payments, Cancellations and Refunds

All terms and conditions of payment for advertisements in Touch Magazine are subject to the terms and conditions stated in the magazine or as supplied in writing by members of the Touch team or the Touch editor. Any such terms and conditions form a part of these TRA terms and conditions of advertising and listings.
TRA cautions all advertisers to carefully read and be sure they have understood all terms and conditions of advertising and listings before placing their advert. Please check for further advice before placing your advert if you are not clear. Once submitted and paid for, we cannot offer refunds.  However, if advertisements or listings for any online and other TRA publications are deemed not to be appropriately aligned to our terms and conditions, advertisers will be able to choose to accept the required amendments from the webmaster, editor or TRA admin but there will be an amendment fee of £5. If the amendments are not accepted we regret that the advertisement will be removed.
All terms and conditions for advertising and listings apply to the lifetime of the advertisement and or publication whichever is the longer period.

Use of the Reiki Association Logo or Touch Magazine branding style

The TRA logo is not available for use by any person or organisation except authorised officers of The Reiki Association and with the permission of Council.  We understand that members of TRA may wish to promote their association with TRA so we would encourage members who are Verified Practitioners to apply for a special TRA logo.  This is available free of charge and may be used by Verified Practitioners so long as their membership status is current.
The Touch Magazine branding and cover style must not be reproduced in digital or print format without the express permission of the Touch Editor or the Council of the Reiki Association.

Web Links

Links or URLs mentioned within an advertisement should not take the reader to inappropriate or irrelevant content to that being advertised.
Links may be edited, or advertisements removed, at the full discretion of the Touch Editor, if links are deemed inappropriate to an advertisement's content, or lead to offensive or unsuitable material.

Touch Magazine and other printed publications of the Reiki Association

Touch Magazine accepts display and classified advertising.   Advertisements will be accepted, subject to all terms and conditions stated above.  However, Touch Magazine does not accept advertisements for Reiki classes or workshops which offer Reiki initiations at any level unless the advertiser is already listed in The Reiki Directory.
All advertisements submitted to Touch, or other publications of the Reiki Association, must adhere to our Advertising Terms and Conditions above.  The final decision to accept advertising rests with the Touch Editor or the Council of the Reiki Association and is always subject to the availability of suitable space.


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