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100 years of Reiki

Touch cover Autumn 2022
Touch Magazine is delighted to offer a 64 page full colour special edition celebrating 100 years of Reiki.


At this milestone, we are looking forwards to see where Reiki might go in the next century, whilst also honouring our roots and the historical information that can support Reiki practitioners in deepening their knowledge and understanding.


We are delighted to have Robert Kramps and Yulia Sasina Yates working with us for this special edition. Each brings such richness with Robert exploring Reiki communities and Yuliya connecting with colleagues across Eastern Europe..


Readers will enjoy insightful articles from Johannes Reindl, Rick Bockner, Justin Stein, Brian Brunius, Kristin Bonney, Feona Gray, Collene Delaney, Paloma Carbonelle, as well as stories from Reiki Association members..


We also have a special treat for subscribers, as our front cover has been brushed by calligraphy master Fokke Brink to celebrate this anniversary..


There are only a few copies of this magazine left, so please order now before they are all gone!



To be mailed to within the United Kingdom
(England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and includes the Channel Islands)
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Outside the United Kingdom? We are only showing supply of these special issues to customers within the UK because supply to other countries has become more complicated and expensive, often with extended delivery times beyond our control. However, if you are interested in ordering from another country please contact Tripuri Dunne by submitting your details HERE.


For further help in ordering...
Please contact us HERE



Reiki Association Members
Members of the Reiki Association have received a copy of this Special Edition of Touch Magazine as part of their membership, but you can obtain additional copies, perhaps for friends or students, by ordering on this page.


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