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Spring 2020
Touch cover Spring 2020
Featuring Paul Mitchell and his relationship with Mikao Usui, our first interview with Johannes Reindl, and Brian Brunius tells us about the Roots of Reiki in Japan. Michelle Beauregard explores the collective field of 'morphic resonance' and how we can influence it, and we have stories about the value of Reiki in family relationships.



Summer 2020
Touch cover Summer 2020
Featuring Chujiro Hayashi through the eyes of Hawayo Takata, Johannes Reindl shares stories about his time in Japan, where he met with researchers Justin B Stein and Peter Scrivanic, Reiki and Science - an interview with Ann Baldwin about her clinical trials proving the effectiveness of distance Reiki treatments, an introduction to Reiki Medic-Care.



Autumn 2020
Touch cover Autumn 2020
Featuring Johannes Reindl talking about the next generation, Paul Mitchell talking of his Reiki master Hawayo Takata, Inger Droog on Wanja Twan and those who followed Takata, celebrating the life of Marta Getty, and Tripuri Dunne on Breitenbush's virtual gathering.


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Winter 2021
Touch cover Winter 2021
Featuring Soyin Tang telling us about 30 years of Reiki Outreach International, Louise Peeters on Reiki for Animals and its practice, and Candace Caddick with Grainne Warner talk of Reiki, Stonehenge and earth magic. News of the new charity Reiki Healthcare Research Trust. Gratitude is discussed by John Coleman and Frans Stiene, and Gratitude and Reciprocity by Donna Stetser and Betty McKay.


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Touch cover Winter 2019
A commemorative edition in honour of Phyllis Lei Furumoto, Lineage Bearer for the Usui Shiki Ryoho system of Reiki with a tribute from Joyce Winough, and contributions from Takata masters Paul D. Mitchell, Rick Bockner, Wanja Twan and prominent Reiki masters Susan Mitchell, Laurence Fontaine, Carlos Sanchez, Scott Howlett, Frank Coppetiers, Rachel Goldberg, Rolf and Li-Li Holm as well as comments from Phyllis’ chosen successor Johannes Reindl. Also touching tales from Kristin Bonney, Milly Cain, Narkess Aralova, Candace Caddick and Feona Gray, and beautiful artwork from Fokke Brink and Michael Hartley.

Touch cover Jan 2020
A commemorative edition in honour of Wanja Twan, one of 22 Reiki Masters initiated by Hawayo Takata and dedicated to her memory and legacy. Contributions from Anneli Twan, Michelle Beauregard, Rick Bockner, Paul Mitchell, Inger Droog and anecdotes from pioneering Reiki masters from across Europe and Canada, covering 40 years of Wanja's Reiki practice. 40 pages packed with stories, poems, artwork and historical photos, this keep-sake shares details of Wanja's life and memories from some of her family, students and friends.


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Touch cover Jan 2020
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